Just tired:-( but fun!

I was super busy during these days because of my school projects and working part time job. Actually working part time job is not that busy as doing projects. That projects make me so stressful and lost in unknown fields which is Android programming. However i will never give up to do it, i realized that i earn alot of experiences by doing that projects. Because of my supervisor, I got so many knowledge and strength fom him. Now, i am just coming back from work with transport provided by my job. I’m just boring sitting on bus and waiting my turn that dtiver uncle call my name.

I wish i can have some new ideas as well as solution for my projects. I am not writing this post for being depressed myself. I am happy my live which always has challenges… I do my best and i aim for best result. Get it or don’t get is unpredictable! I have written down random thought. I do not wish you guys understand all about my my feelings. By the way, money is one thing i do not want to worry about. However, i did worry on it. I cannot live without it.

PS my brother will be arrived on this Sunday, i cannot catch him at airport but i only can try to coming back early from work…