Chromebook is good enough for her!

My gf is living without any computer in SG, since her laptop was broken when she open the screen, about 2-3 years ago. She just stayed without any computer and she tried to manage to finish her diploma by using tablet (galaxy tab), library computer and my computer for her presentation and online usages.

Before this year end, she got Chromebook 14 from HP, her fav color, fav design, and fav thing. The price is USD $299 before the shipping rates and tax. The reason why I’ve chosen the Chrome OS instead of Mac or Windows computer is that, she doesn’t need to do so many staff as I do. She only need to watch online shows, Facebook, listening music and little of Office work like Words and PowerPoint. After all, I’ve decided to buy Chromebook which is a lot cheaper then any other basic laptops and then shown her some brands. She’ve chosen the HP Chromebook 14 (Peach Coral) but it was out of stock at that time. I wanted to get it before X’Mas but it was delayed about 1 week as I wanted to get all the things I bought in one shipping.

Today Morning, I got it and I tried to use it. OMG! I like it, it is fast, simple, easy, and all online. I installed tagu extension for chrome and both Zawgyi and Unicode can be seen well. However, it can only type Myanmar Unicode keyboard since it can be add as input method in Gmail.

In brief, I think Chrome OS is not very mature enough for Developer and Designer, however, it is good enough for her to use for her daily usage with cheaper price compare to other laptops.

Not only Chromebook, I also bought MotoG Phone and covers from Amazon Store which cost $199 for 16GB. I have’t tried it out because I it charging now. This post is a bit look like showing off how much I spent to buy things like that but actually, I was buying for others who I love! and I just recorded as a post for it.