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စင်္ကာပူမှ ယောဂီများအတွက် ၂၀၁၄ ဓမ္မသတင်းကောင်း

Dear Yogi,

You are cordially invited to attend our Weekly Group Meditation and Dhamma Sharing Session at Yogi Han Myo Naung + Su Myat Wai’s house on coming Sunday (5th Jan 2014) from 1 to 6 pm. This program is newly launched in 2014 to improve our Dhamma practice. There will be 2 slots for sitting meditation practice and you may join any slot if you are not able to join the whole session.

The address is as follows:

Han Myo Naung + Su Myat Wai

Block 321, #09-76
Bukit Batok Street 33
Singapore 650321
*Near Bukit Gombat MRT (7 mins walk)
(OR) Take 945 and alight at 6th stop
Ph: 81576014 / 94894710

The detail agenda is as follows…

1:00 pm – Opening Ceremony with reciting prayer and loving-kindness
1:30 pm – Meditation practice (2 hours)
3:30 pm – Dhamma Discussion & Sharing (among Yogi)
4:00 pm – Meditation practice (2 hours)
6:00 pm – End of session

For more Info:

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